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 Sign up (Info)

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PostSubject: Sign up (Info)   Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:03 am

In this forum you can sign up to become a sub-admin (level 1) in Los Santos Territory server.

Reason of this forum
Read this topic: Sub/Full Admin activities

Who can sign up?
Everyone can sign up... but not everyone will be accepted to become a sub-admin.

Who can't sign up?
We no longer recruit new admins from this countries:
- UK

Reason: because we have enough admins from that area, we are still instressted to recruit admins from other countries, our mission is to have a multi-culture admin team from different countries.

What can sub-admin do
Sub-admin is allowed to warn/kick/tempban/ban and spec players (even if there are full-admins online).

How do I sign up?
Create your personal topic (Never create 2 topics for admin application, it will get you banned in forum and server) then I will reply in your topic if I need your support.

Can I sign up again after I got denied?
No you can not, that is against forum rules, once your application is denied you are no longer allowed to create a new admin application, there are a few exceptions depents on denied reason:
- If your application got closed (not denied), you will have one more chance to create a new one.
- Because of a lack of English (After half year you can try it again)

Extra info
- Its importent to be a little bit active in server or at least in forums at Dymind.com, then I can also remember you name and keep you in admin list.
- You will keep your stats, caz you don't need to re-register or change nickname.
- Once in a while I update also the admin rules topic, so keep on eye on that.

Answer this questions in your application topic:
- What is your nickname in server?
- What country do you live in?
- Do you have any reference from admins in Los Santos Territory server? Admin list
- Did you read admin rules (Admin Rules)?
- Did you read (Admin Activities Topic)?

@Update by DarkDeath

From now on admins level 3 will vote if someone can be accepted or not.

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LST Memorial

Posts : 741
Join date : 2011-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Sign up (Info)   Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:24 am

Today I will unban UK

After that recruiting from UK stops, current UK admins will stay as admins.
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Sign up (Info)
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