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PostSubject: [Dx]DeviLxTremOz   Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:31 pm


a DeviLxtRem0' NevEr GivEs Up!!

wE goT evRyTyPE oF PlayEr - DueliSt/DriVe-By'er/HiGh-FlyEr/StunTer...{foRgOT tO menTioN! [PRO-LAGGERs aLso}

We maKe HisToRy anD bec0mE the BesT oF thE bEsT!

[Dx]=professionaL gr0up of kiLLers ThaT wiLL kiCK thE hELL ouTTa y0u anD puT you anD y0ur resPect 6 feet unDerneaTh ThE DirT!


•• ☠ NeVeR baCk DowN ☠ ••

[Dx] Forums


Clan War Results

Something about our Past
Quote :
[Dx] Started in the mid of 2009 n we Dominated "A SERVER"(not gonna advert.. but if you want to know Pm me) for 1year and 3/4 months... We Recently Left that Server Cause we Swiped off the Whole admin Group all alone and the owner of that Server got frustrated Cause we got more respect than him and Banned the whole clan from that server... lol!
We Gained respect ..We gained Skills... forgot to mention.. We got millions of Haters Smile .. many peoples even Use Our names to piss us off :> pffffft but well kids never change Smile..

Our main Moto : To Become the best Clan in The World of SA:MP..

PS: many people think i cheat... but..... i dont... well i cant really Change your thinking But if u want to you can Trust me... Else i barely give a Damn about it Smile

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