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 Website Rules

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PostSubject: Website Rules   Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:40 am

Website Rules:

- Don't use swear words in your NickName.
- Don't curse / shout / swear at other members, this will end you up banned.
- Commercial Advertising will get you banned aswell.
- Do not spam or gettin offtopic in other people's topic.
- Do not post messages in this website/forums once you got banned (for those that got dynamic IP).
- Don't create topics about subjects that already got locked by administrator.
- Use English in topics "If you want to talk with someone in your own Language, use pm".
- I don't allow anything about porno or racism in this website.
- Do not create a admin application topic once your old one is denied, after you are denied only administrator can re-open your application if he thinks you deserve a second chance.
- Create only topics in forums related to San Andreas Multiplayer and Los Santos Territory server, for other subjects (Media/Sport/Culture etc...) visit Los Santos Territory Social Networking Website www.dymind.com
- After 2 times breaking website rules you might get banned (full admins will lose their server level).

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Website Rules
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