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 Promote Sub-admin (Level 3) + Level 3 Rules

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LST Memorial

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PostSubject: Promote Sub-admin (Level 3) + Level 3 Rules   Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:37 am

Sub-admins can get promoted to level 3.

After you become level 3, you should understand that no matter what you are not allowed to abuse any command.

/Clearallchat: Use this command only if someone by accident typed account password in chatbox, so do not use this announce command for other reasons like some people are flaming at each other and you clean the chatbox, use /tempban for those players.
/Setcash, /Weaps, /Giveweapon: Only for your own account, using that for other players is against the rules.
/Giveweapon: Use only weapons that are also avaible for normal players, using giveweapon command to give yourself weapons that normal players can't buy from gunstore is admin abuse and you might get banned by anti-cheat system.
/Jail, /Unjail: If you use /jail then you must also use /unjail, if you crash during the game you come back and /unjail the player or else its admin abuse.
/Slap: Always inform the player why you used /slap
/Setskin: Only for yourself.
/Sethealth, /Setarmour: only for yourself
/Setweather: You allow to use this also for other player, only if the player asks you to change the weather.
/Goto: Never use /goto when you in a vehicle, unless you know the player is outside an interior, so not inside a house or building, and if an admin asks you to stop teleporting to him then respect his request.
Hack-money: Players that receive hackmoney from cheaters should give that money to an Full admin only, and full admins (level-3) are not allowed to use that money to pass it around.
/Gunid: use this command to see weapon ID's, only this weapons are allowed to get used through /giveweapon command.

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LST Memorial

Posts : 741
Join date : 2011-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Promote Sub-admin (Level 3) + Level 3 Rules   Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:58 pm

From today there is chance you will receive an invitation mail to become full admin (level 3).

Understand this is an invitation, you should reply me back that you accept it or deny it.

If you accept my inivation to become full admin, keep your eyes on full admins rules in this topic.

Receiving an invitation can be based on everything.

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Promote Sub-admin (Level 3) + Level 3 Rules
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