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PostSubject: Lately.......   Sat May 07, 2011 11:30 am

As we know Speed and Arab/Truecrime are leaving due to bad health issues (YOU GUYS WILL BE BACK I KNOW IT Very Happy, HAVE A AWESOME LIFE ! ). So now we have Klab and DarkDeath to take over and be the new leaders of everything LST ( congratz to klab, and good luck both for leading LST ).

Currently we have the Lazer epidemic. Who is ban evading like hell because he was banned by Speed for perstering him about level 3. He keeps on coming back because he got a sadistic addiction to LST. He will never stop trust me on this and if we rban him he will change his IP. So if you see him then simply leave him or if you want ban him.

Also the [LA] bastards have spread there terror attacks on the server led by that prick Sunwolf currenly going as [LA]D.Jango or something like that. Like Lazer they wont stop ever so we gotta have admins on 24/7 idk how but we gotta.

These may be dark times but we will pass through.


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