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 Admin Rules

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LST Memorial

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PostSubject: Admin Rules   Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:13 am

Admin rules for all admins:

- Don't give your Admin account to other people.
- Read all sticky/announcment topics in this forum.
- Don't ever use your admin commands against another admin.
- If you use /setskin don't use skin ID from a gang that is different from the gang you play with.
- Choose between Warn/Kick/Tempban for death evasion, see topic Death Evasion
- Use Warn/Kick/Tempban 1 time or more for breaking rules like, Hellikill/spawnkill/teamkill/driveby (only drivers)/Park-killl/bug abusing/flaming/advertising after that use ban.
- Use /ban for all kind of cheats for example, speed/flying/tuning/fixing-car/jumping-high/flipping-vehicle/weapon/health hack.
- Also use /ban if someone would come back after tempban date is over and will repeat breaking rules.
- Use /ban if you /tempban someone and that player got dynamic IP and reconnects to server immediately.
- /Ban a player for weaponhack only if you see the player using that weapon, use /lspec command for that.
- Use /Kick for players that are afk for a long time
- Driveby vehicle to vehicle is allowed for everyone (driver and passanger).
- Players that use other people nickname or without permission wearing clan tags, should get banned and not tempbanned. (you gotta do a research before you ban them).
- Since samp 0.3c players won't lose health if they use some weapons as passenger driveby, this bug is allowed. read topic > Passengers Untouchable
- Use /tempban with limited days (1 to 5 days not more).
- Do not abuse any command, for example you don't need to color all gang vehicles for fun, just get the point.
- You can use /ltune as fun on all vehicles but not on boats/bikes/train/airplanes unless you only use it to change the color.
- Always think twice about health hackers, maybe they lag or ping is too high.
- If you want to ban someone with the reason "Ban evader" then you must be sure that person isn't unbanned in the meantime, check Ban Complaint forum to be sure about it, or else you will temporary lose your admin level.
- Advertisering throw PM is allowed but as long its only to 3 people, more then 3 people is straight ban.

Always use correct reasons in your ban.

Use shortcut reasons like:
(For example: /ban 6 fly)
- Fly (for flyhack)
- Speed (for speedhack)
- hp (for health hack)
- distract (for non-stop annoying/distracting admin with messages/pm's)
- team/heli/park/spawn (for team-kill, heli-kill, park-kill or spawn-kill)
- db (for driveby)
- cursing
- jump (for jump hack)
- weap (for weaponhack)
- tune/fix (tuning or fixing vehicle)
- ad (advertising)

New Changes and info for admins (read this topic):
Nickname change for admins = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t381-nickname-change-in-server-info
Kick for AFK = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t375-kick-for-afk
Do not ban for Snipers = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t374-snipers-in-server-do-not-ban
New weapons in server = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t366-weapons-changed-add-read-this
Annoying messages from players = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t344-annoying-messages#2930
Passengers Untouchable Bug = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t33-passengers-untouchable
Request a Range Ban = http://lstserver.actieforum.com/t363-range-ban-topic-open

Once in a time look at this topic to see if there is any new rule. (I will bump this topic everytime new changes are added)

In server you can use the command /adminrules to see this rules, maybe you need to do some page-up and page-down to see it all, remember /adminsrules in server isn't always up-to-date as admin rules topic.

Send me PM if you have any question about admin rules.

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LST Memorial

Posts : 741
Join date : 2011-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Admin Rules   Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:40 pm

From now on I collect all new changes in this topic, so you don't need to read all forums to see the right topics about new changes.

I put a link from each topic under "New Changes and info for admins (read this topic):"

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LST Memorial

Posts : 741
Join date : 2011-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Admin Rules   Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:07 pm

command /adminrules is up-to-date again.

If you have doubt about what you are allowed or not allowed to do as admin just use /adminrules, do page-up and page-down to see most importent rules, for the rest keep your eye on this topic for all admin rules.

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PostSubject: Re: Admin Rules   

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Admin Rules
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