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 Forbidden Weapons (Admins)

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PostSubject: Forbidden Weapons (Admins)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:23 am

This is the list of weapons that are in anti-weap script, if you use them with /giveweapon and you get banned by anti-weap script then is your problem, sometimes it works and detects and sometimes it won't, it is against admin rules.

ID - Weapname
16 - Grenade
17 - Tear Gas
18 - Molotov Cocktail
35 - Rocket Launcher
36 - HS Rocket Launcher
38 - Minigun
43 - Camera (If you use it, it will effect on other players screen)
44 - Nightvision Goggles (If you use it, it will effect on other players screen)
45 - Thermal Goggles (If you use it, it will effect on other players screen)
21 - Jetpack

If you want to know what weapons you are allowed to get just type /gunid in server and you will see the list... only those weaposn are allowed to get used by /giveweapon.

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Forbidden Weapons (Admins)
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