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 i heard u liek meh

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PostSubject: i heard u liek meh   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:44 pm

Yeah i heard u liek me
[IFG]Ado wrote:
Commander vs Ado

Commander is the winner cheers nice job man! cheers
[K4L]Chrome_Pistola wrote:
Happy B-day Com, I wouldn't miss it, plz add me to guest list....
Klabauter_Mann wrote:
Commander! It would be awesome to have you back to normal again. I knew that you would overcome whatever was getting you down. After all your name is Commander - not Cadet. Laughing

I've missed our many SAMP adventures, and I really hope that we have a lot more in the future.


elephant Klabauter_Mann
TrueCrime wrote:
Commander you have my 10000% Support goood luuck dude and hope u get back to adminship lol! Arab PS: thanks 4 your support on My apply!
Klabauter_Mann wrote:
Well, Commander did a really good job when he was sub admin before. Sometimes people do/say dumb stuff that they don't mean, we all learn from our mistakes.

Comm has a big heart, and he wears it on his sleeve. I think his intentions are good. He has my support.

Hope it all works out for ya buddy Cool

Yo dawgs i heard u liek me but
[IFG]Tony wrote:
230 max Very Happy So Commander and all those laggy motherfuckers are off Very Happy This is not an insult Foxy
time to reminds those badass Quotes Cool
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i heard u liek meh
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