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 Try to understand me

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PostSubject: Try to understand me   Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:34 am

This is almost the last forum i'm active on, cuz i have a relationship with this forum.

If you can understand that I have a serious illness that i'm struggling with it everday, sometimes each day in a week feeling my body buringing from inside, if you can understand this then please do not come to me to ask me questions about my gamemode/admin mode/filterscripts, i do not like to talk about those subjects, once i start giving attention the questions will never end and finaly i will start stressing and with that i will make my illnes worst, because stress is the key for me to finaly become paralysed by this illness.

Questions about bringing LST back, or my gamemodes/filterscripts, please stop it here, i beg you let me enjoy this forum as long i can.

maybe it is a temporary thing but still i remember this names that were active in this forum even after LST went down, you guys are awesome.

one day we all be inactive but this days i will never forget.

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Try to understand me
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